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Techno Robotic Puppy Wants To Be Part Of Your Family Today

November 30, 2008

Hot New Must Have Toy – Limited Special Techno Robotic Puppy

Everyone’s favorite robotic dog is back, and Tekno Robotic Puppy is better than ever with a newer design, and updated software and features. This robotic dog has a new design come with advanced features like which display his mood, like his eyes lighting up. Just watch his ears and eyes, they’ll let you know how he’s feeling.

Unbeatable Price for Techno Robotic Puppy

The newest version of this electronic dog reacts to stimulants like sound, touch and is able to obey many commands. He has many movements and is able to walk forward, backwards, left, right, as well as moving his head and wagging his tail when he is happy. The great new walking animation is very lifelike providing smooth movement and he realistically plays with with his ball and chomps on his bone which are included.

Fun! Fnn! Fun With Tekno Robotic Dog

Wow, this adorable robotic dog has color changing eyes that light up. He is sure to have you loving his cute motorized walking, head moving, tail wagging features. This little guy will keep you smiling with his begging for food and his dancing. This little pouch has a built in alarm clock so he can even wake you up, just like a real dog.

The Tekno Robotic Puppy is made of a soft rubber and has a user friendly feel and comes with his own IR remote controls for his many features. He comes equipped with a magnetic bone and ball so you can interact with this robotic dog.

You literally take care of the Tekno robotic dog. Training a puppy has never been so much fun and getting to know your new robotic pet will keep you entertained for hours of fun. As the robotic dog ages he will be able to do more advanced tricks.

Techno Robotic Puppy wants you to know just how happy he is to be a new family addition. He always shows his excitement when a person enters a room by barking and with a trembling like motion. He is equally sorry to see you leave and gives a whimper to let you know. Just like a real puppy, he wants to be petted and pants in appreciation. He loves to be petted and pants with appreciation just like a real dog. This interactive robotic dog will even beg for you to play fetch with him.

Techno Robotic Puppy seems to be real except he dose not make the mess or eat your shoes. He lets you know his exact need and wants. He will let you know what he is feeling and give you feedback on the care you provide. He will give you feed back on the care he is receiving. This robotic dog remembers when his last feeding was and will remind you when to feed and play with him.

Unbeatable Price for Techno Robotic Puppy

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